26 letters – 26 illustrators

Truly arriving in a new country means more than crossing a border – in the beginning, a foreign language can also be a challenging hurdle. Our WillkommensABC is meant to be a tool to help out and entertain.


The WillkommensABC picture dictionary…

  • offers refugees initial quick, easy and attractive access to the German language!
  • forms an additional bridge between refugees and helpers!
  • can be downloaded and printed free of charge as pdf, e-book or App – for both smart phones and tablets!
  • contains over 150 relevant words, illustrated by 26 of our arsEdition illustrators!
  • with audio files of the words in German and English!
  • was initiated by Anna Karina Birkenstock and was developed by countless supporters!
  • can be used and shared by everyone – but is not for commercial use!

Be part in this project, by using and sharing it!

„The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.“ – Ludwig Wittgenstein