On this page you can download the WillkommensABC in different versions


Download instructions:

  • Download PDF: Download PDF: After opening the PDF-File, you can download it to your device and print it. Instructions on dowloading the file as a brochure can be found here.
  • Download fillable PDF form: In this pdf version you can fill in any translation of the terms you want (for technical reasons only in Latin spelling). Afterwards you can save the PDF and print it with the new terms.
  • Download Android App: As an App, the words can be read out loud to you in German and English. You can download the App directly to your smart phone and tablet via the Google Play Store. It requires Android version 4.2 (or higher).
  • Download for Apple Devices: With the enhanced eBook, the words can be read out loud to you in German and English. The book requires an Apple device with with iOS 5.0 (or higher) and iBooks 3 (or higher) and can be downloaded via iTunes.
  • Download ePub3: This version is meant for all reading devices that support the ePub3 format, as well as iBooks on Apple devices. If you have problems downloading the book via iTunes, you can download it directly on this site.
  • Download Kindle Edition: This version is the same as the ePub3 format and runs on Kindle readers.

If you have problems, please contact willkommensABC@arsedition.de.